Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q updated 27/03/2017


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Please read this FAQ thoroughly as most questions are answered here, if your unable to find an answer to your question please do contact me and make sure to visit my Terms of Service.



Commission Rate?

  • Varies depending upon the service provided.

  • Rates are subject to change as needed and without warning, it is up to you the commissioner to know my current rates.




These apply to all Katy Jewell / Snowy-Ninja creations and artwork, I maintain full rights to all commissioned works unless contracted otherwise. Please look at the Terms of Service for full details on copyright [Link]


Can I colour / Re-Colour an artwork I ordered from you?

Yes, but with any transaction, you agree to the terms of service which means:

NO Profit, meaning you can not profit from any work you have commissioned from me even if you drastically alter said work.

NO redistribution

NO Re purposing

NO removal of any watermarks, signature, stamp etc

NO violation of my rights as the creator, owner and copyright holder.

If you wish to share the edited commissioned work online you must first get permission from me then IF I agree to it you may post it wherever you want so long as you provide my name (either Katy Jewell or Snowy-Ninja) along with a link to my personal website all links and credit must be clearly visible and not hidden away somewhere. I may not agree to you posting said artwork on grounds of edits that I do not morally agree with, such as editing it in a way that is offensive (racist, homophobic, etc) or goes against what I do not personally draw (see below “Is there anything you won't draw?” for details)




  • I only accept the following: Paypal Invoice

  • The only currency I accept is Great British Pound Sterling (GBP / £) any attempt to pay in any other currency will be rejected and refunded.

  • I DO NOT accept E-cheques.


May I please have a discount / negotiate price?


  • Short answer no.

  • If you cannot pay the agreed upon price I will not discount the price for any reasons.

  • On the rare occasion I may open up sales or special offers for seasonal themes or just because I feel like it. These offers are rare however.

  • Any attempt at the “Free exposure” excuse will result in the commission being declined.

  • “I don't have the money right now can we-” No, if you don't have the money ready then I WILL NOT accept the commission. Failure to pay the agreed upon price will result in cancellation of commission.


May I repost the commissioned artwork?


  • If you commissioned it yes, provided that you include proper credit. My Icon link (if available) or Username link (If available, which on most social media it is) followed by link to my personal website.


How do I contact you?


  • Usually via E-mail is best, this allows me to keep a recorded log of any and all commissions. You can E-Mail me through my personal website.

  • Please do not contact me via social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, DeviantART or Tumblr or use their private messaging services. While I do maintain these accounts I cannot monitor them every hour of the day and will mostly miss your question or note, I am most active on Furaffinity however and can contacted there.




  • I do not share your private information with anyone in any shape or form.


I want to commission a pattern design for a Tattoo that I am planning to get!


I recommend speaking to your chosen tattoo artist before hand, but generally most tattoo artists would agree that the majority of the pattern illustration that I design are to detailed. Over time these small fine lines will bleed together and all you will be left with with a massive smear.

But if your tattoo artist agrees that they can do the tattoo then I will accept the commission (though I won't accept responsibility for how the tattoo changes over time and the work your chosen tattoo artist does). Usually pattern tattoo designs are more simple than the fine detailed work that I usually do.


Is there anything you won't draw?


Sexual acts of any kind.

shota / lolita.


Hardcore Gore. (blood, flesh wounds, battle wounds are acceptable but anything extreme is not)

Vore Mild or hardcore.

Bestiality / feral creature sexualization. This includes, Pokemon/Digimon/fakemon, My Little Ponies, etc.

Bodily waste such as scat, urine, menstruation blood etc.

Sexualization of birth.
Male Pregnancy.

If you have questions then please feel free to contact me and ask.


Do you accept Tips/Donations?


  • Yes, Yes I do. I won't stop you if you want to pay me more for work.

  • Please leave tips through the above link ONLY, please do not leave a tip with your commission payments.




  • Should we agree upon a commission being shipped all shipments will be done Via Royal mail and postage prices will be discussed when discussing the commission. You can visit the royal mail website to see full prices of UK and Overseas shipping here -

  • Delivery rates depend upon the delivery service that you select your package should arrive within 2 months, so please plan ahead if you want a commission shipped to you soon for a certain time/date.

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