Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

These terms of service are subject to revision and change without notice.

By accepting a commission from myself, Katy Jewell of Snowy-Ninja, the client agrees they have read and agree to agree to the following terms.

I, Katy Jewell and Snowy-Ninja (gallery name), the artist, retain copyright to the piece of artwork created by myself.


Images commissioned may be used by me as examples in portfolios and business devices.


My copyright, logo and name will NOT be removed from any of my works.


None of my artworks should be altered in any way (including colouring of my work) by any other person other than myself, unless permission is asked directly. Any altered commissions by myself are still subject to the terms of service and privacy policy no matter how much the artwork has been altered.


If my work should be uploaded to any online page, credit must be given and linked to to either my Furaffinity page [LINK] , my personal website [LINK]


Art cannot be used commercially by the client, doing so will result in legal action.


Commissions may be uploaded by the client only.


Images and commissions may be removed from online galleries and social media accounts, all Dropbox files will be removed 7 days after approval of the completed commission. It is not the artist (my) responsibility to ensure the client has saved images of the their commission.


PSD files will not be sent.


All communication will done through notes or email only.


The price list you were provided with is a basic overview of prices, these may increase due to complexity and on rare occasions decrease for limited times such as sales. Prices may or may not change over time.


All payment will done through PAYPAL invoice.


All prices are in Great British Pounds (Sterling) £, please convert money sent via paypal from your currency to GBP (£) all other forms of currencies will be rejected and refunded.


To see the equivalent price in your currency please use XE.com http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/


I only accept invoce payments, no E-cheques, no trades, no other forms of payment.


All quotes given to you will be valid for 7 days, once the deadlines has passed prices for commissions may alter.


Completed commission's will not be sent by myself unless a full payment has been sent. However as proof of completion a low resolution heavily watermarked small version will be sent to you as a preview and proof of completion.


Reasonable deadlines can be met unless stated otherwise.


Rush Commissions are available for additional fee depending upon on soon required, this must be be stated before the commission is started and cannot be applied to a commission once it has been started.


Private commissions are available, but may be subject to an additional fee, this must be be stated before the commission is started and cannot be applied to a commission once it has been started.

WIP's (works in progress) can be sent when asked, but this must be stated before the commission is started, this will (slightly) delay completion time as I will require your input on the WIP.


WIPS are not available for free reign / artist licence / same day / Iron Artist images.


I am prodomintly a SFW illustrator, however certain NSFW commissions I will accept. For a full comprehensive list of what I will and will not accept please visit this [Link]



I Snowy-Ninja / Katy Jewell retain the right to refuse any commission without reason or explanation, and refund and/or cancel a commission at any time. Usually this is done if a commission cannot be completed due to personal issues such as medical reasons and/or death.


Should a commission be cancelled then I will either offer a full refund or put the commission on hold to be resumed at a later date (same price that has been agreed upon at the time the commission was accepted) however if I cannot complete the commission then only a full refund will be given this is up to you the commissioner to decide.


In the event that a commissioner (you) have cancelled the commission then I (Katy Jewell) shall retain ownership of all rights of the artowrk commissioned and this may be used again for other purposes. The client shall pay the illustrator according to the following schedule:


  • 10% of the original fee if cancelled before the work starts.

  • 50% of the original fee if cancelled after preliminary sketches are completed.

  • 100% of the original fee if cancelled after completion of finished artwork.


Completed works cannot be refunded unless there is a genuine fault with my work. In which case I will most likely re-do the commission.


Free edits may be completed by me; if I, the artist, have made a mistake with the commission.


Free edits are not available to lack of description or incorrect character information/description by the client.



I will not print / post commissions, whether they be traditional or not unless agreed prior to commission. Traditional sketches will not be posted/shipped.


By commissioning myself, Katy Jewell, you accept the above terms and conditions.

If you have any questions or queries on the terms, please contact me personally.


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Last Revised March 2017

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